Kaufman Junior High football teams completed North Zone play last week and were set to finish the season this week with playoff games against the South Zone.

Last Tuesday the 7th grade B team defeated Forney Brown 14-12 to finish 2-5 and in seventh place.

Big plays – Matthew Glasgow 25 yd. TD run (Austin McKnight with a 1 pt. pass to Garrett Potter), Tony Prox with a 50 yd. INT for TD (McKnight 1 pt. pass to Potter), McKnight with a big extra point block, Tony Prox with two INTs, Anthony Lebon with an INT 

Offensive standouts – Baldomero Gaona, Justin Ray, Jayden Reed, Rocky Bonilla, Jesus Cabrera, Adrian Renteria

Defensive standouts – Kevin Edwards, David Gaona, Romeo Mata, Paul Cervantes, Sebastian Carmack, Joshua Carmichael

The 7th grade A team beat Forney Brown 21-0 to go to 5-2.

Big plays – Kylveon Morrow 30 yd. TD pass to DK Jones, Morrow 35 yd. TD pass to DK Jones (Kaleb Lewis 1 pt. run), defense caused a safety, Kaleb Lewis stripped the ball and returned it for a TD 

Offensive standouts – Gabriel Ordonez, Dakota Smith, Bronson Chavez, Mason Seabolt, Kaiden Loud, Benji Garcia

Defensive standouts – Ulices Hinojosa, Kasen Ramirez, Jaiden Smith, Noah Glick, Hunter Bishop, 

The 8th grade C team got a win over Forney Brown 14-0 and is 3 – 2.

Big plays – Nathan Guevera had a 30 yd. INT for TD, Angel Ramirez 2 yd. TD run

Offensive standouts – Levi Gardner, Jeremiah Vasquez, Juan Avila, Luke Lucas, Lance Broussard, Hayden Lambeth

Defensive standouts – Drew Page, Pablo Cordero, Clayton Donaldson, Quinten Dalton, Andrew Maddron

The 8th grade B team shut out Forney Brown 21-0 to finish 7-0.

Big plays – Eddie Reyes 12 yd. TD pass to Jacob Hines, Marco Flores 60 yd. fumble return for TD (Josue Vega 2 pt. kick), Brennan Davis 50 yd. INT for TD (Josue Vega 1 pt. run)

Offensive standouts – Rodrien Davison, Aiden Carrillo, Griffin Keith, Ryan Sherwodd, Colton Evans

Defensive standouts – Jonathan Sullins, Justin Wells, Eddie Reyes INT, Ayden Bennett forced fumble, Angel Cordero

The 8th grade A team won over Forney Brown 32-14 for a 5-2 record.

Big plays – Trey Ford 5 yd. TD run (Andres Gallegos 2 pt. kick), Andres Gallegos 27 yd. FG into a strong wind, Isaiah Leija 3 yd. TD run (Gallegos 2 pt. kick),Dalys Chandler 60 yd. INT for TD, Trey Ford 30 yd. TD pass to Thomas Stevens (Gallegos 2 pt. kick)

Offensive standouts – Tyler West, Isac Leija, Tator Hicks, Garron Kinney, Andres Gallegos great blocking

Defensive standouts – Cameron Jones, Jordan Nalls, Julian Prox, Devin Morrell, Hayden Robbins, Brian Ochoa, Christian Kinnibrugh

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