This past week, the Kaufman junior varsity and junior high girls won team titles at a cross country meet hosted by Eustace High School.

In the JV Division, all of the Kaufman girls finished in the Top 10 during the two-mile race. Placing for Kaufman in the JV Division at this meet were Madison Thurston (fourth in a time of 14:37), Maya Esquivel (fifth in a time of 14:47), Molly Burleson (sixth in a time of 14:57), Alexiss Renteria (eighth in a time of 15:23), and Yulibeth Delapaz (ninth in a time of 15:24). 

Placing for Kaufman Junior High were Kathryn Tucker (third at 14:26), Lynna Martin (fourth in a time of 15:09), Rylie Stone (fifth in a time of 15:11), Kadence Wolfe (eighth in a time of 15:53), Kim Beckendorf (11th in a time of 16:08), Crystal Torres (20th in a time of 17:51), Chantelle Carrier (21st in a time of 17:56), Zisa Rubio (26th in a time of 18:11), Presley Dennie (27th in a time of 18:12), Hadley Jordan (32nd in a time of 18:34), Kaitlynn Maly (33rd in a time of 18:48), Clair Ybarra (34th in a time of 19:14), Skyler Roberts (44th in a time of 23:03), and Nayeli Nichols (45th in a time of 23:04). 

In the boys’ divisions, both ofthe Kaufman teams finished third.

The JV boys who ran at this meet for Kaufman were Alexis Carreon (14th at 20:34), Luis Aldana (17th in a time of 20:49), Chris Pasley (18th in a time of 20:55), Pierce Drake (27th in a time of 21:28), David Harris 30th ina time of 21:37), Isaiah Casteneda (39th in a time of 22:15), and Caleb Thomas (66th in a time of 26:24). 

The Kaufman Junior High boys competing were Edgar Lozano (fifth in a time of 14:00), Diego Samarippa (13th in a time of 14:40), Alan Sanchez (20th at 15:22), Micah Stiles (24th with 15:38), Kedran Bowman (25th at 15:55), Hunter Wallace (32nd in a time of 16:47), Gabriel Gonzalez (36th in a time of 16:55), and Christopher Gutierrez (43rd in a time of 18:36).

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