Recently, the District 13-4A varsity baseball coaches announced their All-District honorees for the 2021 season.

Having just finished a special 2021 season, several Kaufman Lion baseball players earned All-District recognition.

District 13-4A Baseball Accolades for Kaufman High School

Defensive Player of the Year: John Maldonado Jr.

First Team All-District Infield: Landon Tucker

First Team All-District Pitcher: Javier Garcia

First Team All-District Catcher: Alex Munoz

First Team All-District Outfield: Roy Garcia

Second Team All-District: Pitcher: Landon Stocks

Second Team All-District Pitcher: Raul Garcia

Second Team All-District Infield: Bryan Tovar

Honorable Mention All-District: Jordan Nalls, Kevin Soto, Jansen Wheat, and Cobie Webb. 

“The start of this baseball season was exciting, especially since Covid took away the 2020 season," said KHS Head Coach Jacob Cockrum, who is being treated for cancer. "Gearing up for everything and then getting the cancer diagnosis made it worrisome. Already being faced with the unknown of what Covid might take away from the 2021 season and then being slammed in the face with this cancer news, was gut wrenching. I did not know what it meant for me, the boys, or how they would handle it.” 

“I can tell you this much, they reached above and beyond and accomplished so much this season, including becoming the first Kaufman High School baseball team since 2010 to be area playoff finalists,” Cockrum said. 

“However, what they achieved off the field means more to me than anything they achieved on the field. They endured a great amount of adversity this season. They supported one another and picked each other up all season long. Watching them come together as a team and play the game with joy and excitement gave me strength when I needed it most,” Cockrum said.

“My family and I would like to thank all of the boys for their hard work, dedication, and their constant support. I also want to thank Coach Curt Eurich and Coach Canyon Cockrum for stepping in and taking care of my coaching duties when I wasn’t able to be there,” Cockrum added.

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