The Kaufman Lions varsity boys basketball team posted a 2-3 record at the very competitive Midlothian Heritage tournament on Dec. 2 through Dec. 4.

The results of the games that the team played in the tournament were as follows:

Kaufman 65 Dallas Sunset 26. 

Waco Connally 49 Kaufman 34

Kaufman 42 Midlothian Heritage 41.

Nacogdoches 52 Kaufman 46.

Ennis 54 Ennis 42.

Top players for Kaufman in the Dallas Sunset game were as follows:

DK Jones: 14 points and four assists. 

Brandon Wright: 10 points. 

Dalys Chandler: eight points, five rebounds.

Notable efforts for Kaufman in the Waco Connally game were turned in by the following players: 

Vontrell Williams: 10 points and 13 rebounds.

Jones: five points and five assists. 

Braxton Garmon: six points.

Key contributors for Kaufman in the Midlothian Heritage game were as follows: 

Williams: 12 points, 14 points, and four assists. 

Derek Clamon: 11 points. 

Chandler: eight points. 

Notable performers for Kaufman in the Nacogdoches game were as follows:

Williams: 21 points and eight rebounds.

Jones: 10 points.

Garmon: nine points.

Noteworthy performances for Kaufman in the Ennis game were produced by the following players: 

Wright: nine points.

Jones: seven points and seven assists. 

Nick McBride: seven points.

After these results, Kaufman’s overall record stands at 4-5.

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