With the fall tennis season fast approaching, the Kaufman High School tennis team sent a loud message to their competition this year by producing impressive results first at a UTR tournament on July 17 and then at a very tough summer tournament which was part of the East Texas Tennis Circuit schedule on July 23-24.  With these results, the message that the team sent was very simple but direct: We intend to be very good again this year as well. 

Both of these events were hosted by Kaufman High School. 

At the UTR singles-only tournament, Kaufman’s best performances were turned in by Cristian Gutierrez (first place in the gold division), Cody Hunter (second place in the gold division), Wyatt Moredock (won consolation honors in gold division), Laisha Ochoa (second place in the black division, Natalya Morales (third place in the the black division), Lance Ivie (won consolation honors in the black division), Silvano Hernandez (first place in the white division), Tabatha Morales (second place in the white division), Samantha Barrera (third place in the white division), Kimberly Mier (second place in the gray division), and Zachary Bryant (third place in the gray division). 

At Kaufman’s final summer tennis tournament of the season, doubles play took center stage last Friday. In the doubles divisions, notable performances for the Lions were produced by Gutierrez-Hunter (first place In the top division), Kayden Lengacher and Madelyn Bixler (second place in the top division), Jacob Reschke and Jacob Reznicek (first place in the middle division), Beau Thompson and  Jackson White (second place in the middle division), Jackie Rodriguez and Jackson Haynes (third place in the middle division), and Bryant and Brady Wood (won consolation honors in the lower division).

On Saturday, singles action was in the spotlight. In the singles divisions, top results for Kaufman were registered by Hunter (first place in the top division), Phoenix Johnson (second place in the top division), Connor Hubbert (won consolation honors in the top division), Rodriguez (first place in the second division), Ivie (second place in the second division), Amanda Hasbell (won consolation honors in the second division), White (second place in third division), Colton Lawrence (won consolation honors in the third division), Liam Crowley (second place in the bottom division), and Megan Crowley (won consolation honors in the bottom division). 

Some of Kaufman’s main competition at this tournament came from Forney High School and Wills Point High School.

Kaufman’s 2021 team tennis season is scheduled to begin on Aug. 3 when they will host Lake Highlands High School.

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