Kaufman High School opened their 2021 team tennis season on Aug. 3 with an impressive overall 13-6 victory over Class 6A Lake Highlands. 

In doubles play, Kaufman dominated in every sense of the word. For the record, Kaufman won six of the seven doubles matches that counted toward the team score. Kaufman’s doubles performance was highlighted by a sweep of all the boys matches.

 The boys doubles pairings for Kaufman that looked really good in their victorious matches were Cristian Gutierrez/Kayden Lengacher (4-2 and 4-1), Eli Frosch/Cody Hunter (4-0 and 4-2), and David Harris/Connor Hubbert (4-2 and 4-0).

As for the girls doubles matches, the Lady Lions got a solid performance by the duo of Amanda Hasbell/Tabatha Morales. Hasbell/Morales found a way to win a tough three set battle by the score of 2-4, 5-4 (7-1) and 10-8.

Other notable victories in doubles for the Lady Lions came from Jackie Rodriguez/Samantha Barrera (4-2 and 4-1) and Nallely Avila/Natalya Morales (4-1 and 5-3).

In the mixed doubles match, the Kaufman team of Beau Thompson/Vanessa Chaves easily defeated their opponents by a score of 4-0 and 4-0.

The singles matches proved to be a bit more competitive. However, Kaufman won enough of the singles matches that counted toward the team score to head into victory lane. 

Top singles results for Kaufman were turned in in by Gutierrez (5-3 and 4-2), Lengacher (4-0 and 4-0), Hunter (5-4 (9-7) and 4-0), Thompson (5-3 and 5-3), and Wyatt Moredock (4-0 and 4-0), Rodriguez (4-1 and 4-0), Natalya Morales (1-4, 4-2, and 10-5), Barrera (4-1 and 4-1), Chavez (5-3 and 4-1) and Kimberly Mier (4-0 and 4-1).

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