The Kaufman tennis program experienced many highs this season on their way to being crowned Area Champs in October. The continued success of the tennis program has a lot to do with the coaches Kaufman has on its staff, and for the second time in four years, coach Michael Lott was named Coach of the Year for the team's region.

Previously, Lott was named Coach of the Year for Region 2-4A in 2015.

As KISD continues to grow, the high school

elevated into 5A competition, but the program and Lott continue to have

success as Lott was named the 2019 Coach of the

Year for Region 2-5A in November.

“I wouldn't be the tennis coach that I am today without my mentor Brenda Paine," says Lott. "She taught me the game of tennis and then taught me how to coach the game of tennis.”

Additionally, Lott credits many colleagues with the continued success of the Kaufman tennis

program, including Chase Hardin, Terri White, Jenny Paine, Maci Faires, and Sarah Sedory. Upon receiving the award, Lott went on to thank his wife, Jill Lott. "Her support and devotion allow me to do what I do. Without her, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Lott went on to reflect on the season, saying, "We had a lot of new faces in the lineup, especially on the boys' side. The biggest highlight for me was seeing the overall growth in each person's game. I haven't seen this kind of growth in quite some time, and there's still a lot of potential." 

Kaufman finished with a 17-7 overall record on the season, winning the area championship before losing to Ennis in the quarterfinal round of the playoffs.

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