Kaufman junior high boys basketball teams have kicked off the 2018-19 season and played games last week against Ennis.

The 7th grade B team defeated Ennis 23-21 and is 1-1 for the season.

Offensive standouts – Peter Puckett 9 pts., Ashton Wrenn 6 pts., Mason Seabolt 4 pts.,Sebastian  Carmack 3 pts., Matthew Glasgow 1pt.

Defensive standouts – Connor Hetmer and Cannon Carter

The 7th A team improved to 1-1 with a 50-9 win.

Offensive standouts – Kylevon Morrow 12 pts., Bronson Chavez 10 pts., Kasen Ramirez 8 pts., Cason Pinkston 7 pts., Ulices Hinojosa 6 pts., DK Jones 4 pts., Noah Glick 3 pts.

Defensive standouts – Hunter Bishop and Ulices Hinojosa.

The 8th B team fell 24-17 and is 0-2.

Offensive standouts – Angel Ramirez 3 pts., Colton Evans 3 pts., Jacob Hines 3 pts., Tyler West 2 pts., Jason Green 2 pts., Angel Rodriguez 2 pts., Rodrien Davison 2 pts.

Defensive standouts – Aiden Carrillo and Brennan Davis.

The 8th A dropped to 0-2 with a 34-28 loss against Forney Brown.

Offensive standouts – Braxton Garmon 16 pts., Eddie Reyes 6 pts., Drew Page 2 pts., Dalys Chandler 2 pts., Tator Hicks 1pt, Griffin Keith 1 pt.

Defensive standouts  – Dalys Chandler and Tator Hicks.

The C Team White faced the C Team Black, with black taking the win 22-19.

Offensive standouts – Cameron Jones 8 pts., Tony Prox 7 pts., Marco Flores 6 pts., Corbin Prestridge 4 pts., Kevin Edwards 4 pts., Trevor Phillips 3 pts., Eric Espinosa 2 pts., Jacob Maddox 2 pts., Elias Martinez 2 pts., Garrett potter 2 pts., Jeremiah Vasquez 1 pt.

Defensive standouts – Diego Lopez, Benji Garcia and Dylan Azua.

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