The Scurry-Rosser Wildcats boys basketball team has posted a strong 9-2 record so far this season.

Scurry-Rosser won a thrilling overtime game over Italy High School on Nov. 30. The final score was 60-58. 

Bryce Chambers scored a two-point basket in the final moments of regulation play to send the game into overtime. Then, Garrett Hill owned the overtime period as he scored 11 points (three three-point shots and a two-point shot). Finally, Cagle Peavy connected on the three-point shot which ultimately won the game.

Top players for Scurry-Rosser in the Italy game were as follows.

Garrett Hill: 19 points, four three-point shots, and seven assists.

Chambers: two points and 10 rebounds.

Peavy: 13 points, three three-point shots, and four assists.

Baylin Caves: six points. 

Christian Lopez: six points and three assists.

Kayden Bradshaw: six points. 

Parker Williams: three points.

De’Shawn Wren: three points. 

Grayson Hill: two points.

In other Scurry-Rosser boys basketball action, the Wildcats participated in the Edgewood Tournament on Dec. 2-4. The team went 3-2 in this tough tournament. Note: Scurry-Rosser played Quinlan Ford twice in this tournament. 

The results of the games that the team played in the tournament were as follows:

Scurry-Rosser 69 Quinlan Ford 46.

Edgewood 64 Scurry-Rosser 45.

Winnsboro 48 Scurry-Rosser 41.

Scurry-Rosser 62 Sunnyvale 57. Note: Scurry-Rosser was down 21-10 after the first quarter in this game, but ultimately they rallied to win.

Scurry-Rosser 59 Quinlan Ford 50

Notable performers for Scurry-Rosser in the first Quinlan Ford game were as follows:

Peavy 17 points, three steals. 

Garrett Hill: 12 points, six rebounds.

Bradshaw: nine points.

Williams: seven points.

Lopez: six points, eight rebounds, four assists.

Chambers: six points. 

Caves: four points, seven rebounds.

Grayson Hill: four points, three steals.

Wren: four points.

The main contributors for Scurry-Rosser in the Edgewood game were as follows. 

Grayson Hill: nine points (three 3-point shots).

Lopez: eight points, seven rebounds. 

Garrett Hill: eight points.

Peavy: six points. 

Caves: four points. 

Wren: four points. 

Chambers: four points, five rebounds.

Williams: two points.

Notable efforts for Scurry-Rosser in the Winnsboro game were turned in by the following players:

Peavy: 16 points (two 3-point shots).

Lopez: 13 points.

Grayson Hill: four points. 

Garrett Hill: three points. 

Chambers: three points. 

Bradshaw one point.

Wren: one point.

Key players for Scurry-Rosser in the Sunnyvale game were as follows:

Grayson Hill: 20 points, (two 3-point shots).

Peavy: 14 points, (two 3-point shots).

Garrett Hill: seven points.

Williams: five points. 

Bradshaw: five points. 

Chambers: four points. 

Lopez: four points.

Caves: two points. 

Wren: one point.

Noteworthy performers for Scurry-Rosser in the second Quinlan Ford game were as follows:

Grayson Hill: 14 points and two 3-point shots.

Chambers: 12 points. 

Bradshaw: 10 points. 

Peavy: nine points. 

Garrett Hill: eight points. 

Wren: six points. 

Garrett Hill was named to the All-Tournament Team. 

Head Coach James Hill loves his team’s never quit attitude.

“These boys never quit, they always feel that they have a chance to win,” he said. “This says a lot about them going forward.”

After these results, Scurry-Rosser’s overall record stands at 9-2.

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