On a rain-soaked Friday, several of the Kaufman Lion tennis players participated in a doubles only tournament which was hosted by Forney High School, winning gold medals. This June 4 tournament was part of the East Texas Tennis Circuit’s summer schedule.

In the senior boys doubles division, the Kaufman team of Eli Frosch and Wyatt Moredock won the championship title in a dominating fashion by defeating Forney High School’s team of Cody Bui and Tanner Williams in straight sets. The final score in this  match was 6-1 and 6-2. 

Also, the Lion team of Kayden Lengacher and Jacob Reschke finished third in this same division as well. 

In the senior girls doubles division, the championship match featured two Lady Lion teams from Kaufman High School—Amanda Hasbell and Jackie Rodriguez vs. Tabitha Morales and Samantha Barrera. When this match was over, the team of Hasbell-Rodriguez had emerged victorious.

In the mixed doubles bracket, the Kaufman team of Cody Hunter and Jackie Rodriguez absolutely rolled over the competition on their way to the tournament title.

In the junior girls doubles division, the Lady Lion team of Ashley Guerrero and Xiomara Rodriguez captured the consolation title.

Overall, it was a solid day at the office for the Kaufman Lion tennis team. Upcoming tournaments are on June 11 at Van High School and June 12 at Wills Point.

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