Dr. Brashear is right, vaccinate your kids

Last week’s headline of your local paper stated “Kaufman physician takes on the anti-vax movement.”

As Andrew Burnes’ article explained, when Brashear was attending medical school, the anti-vaccination effort was regarded as something that would probably die off pretty quickly.

That didn’t happen.

Brashear, the owner of Brashear Family Medical in Kaufman, is working to educate parents about the safety of vaccines. Instead of engaging with people who are downright opposed to vaccines, he hopes to talk with the “vaccine hesitant,” those who aren’t sure about their efficacy or safety.

Unfortunately, Texas does not require vaccines for children to attend school, which would be the best way to keep our kids safe from measles and whooping cough. While measles had been declared eradicated in the U.S., the increased number of parents who don’t want to vaccinate their children has led to outbreaks in Texas, as well as California, New York and Washington. One unvaccinated person visiting a country where measles is prevalent is enough to bring the virus back. 

While some parents might think measles isn’t a big deal, it can be fatal, and heaven forbid that polio comes roaring back. 

That will be a horrible price for children to pay.


I hope to see lots of people at the Kaufman Chamber of Commerce auction on Saturday at the fairgrounds. The goods that are up for grabs sound quite impressive! I know Chamber members, staff and volunteers have been working hard on this event. 


Next week, I hope you’ll take some time to read our Salute to First Responders coverage. Better yet, take a minute to thank a police officer, firefighter, or first responder, or wave as they drive by. Sometimes it’s a small action that can make someone’s day. 

Thanks for reading.

— Melanie Mazur

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