No matter how busy you feel you are, make time for a conversation with someone you don’t know.

Whether you talk to the barista at a coffee shop or make a new acquaintance at a public or private event, a simple conversation can impact both parties involved in a variety of ways. Though it is not always easy to break a shell of comfort to go out of your way to talk to someone, your conversation can be beneficial by guiding a life, seeing different views points, or simply changing the mood you feel the day of the conversation. 

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to take pictures for FBC Kaufman for their new church directory. On my first day of taking pictures, I saw many people and had many diverse conversations. One of the conversations that stuck out to me the most was with Ms. Betty Brooks, a longtime resident of Kaufman County and member of FBC Kaufman for 38 years. When Ms. Betty first walked in to have her picture made, she let me know she came a bit early for her appointment, in turn I informed her it was no problem at all and I was ready for her to take her seat for her portrait. After I expressed how much I loved her bright top that reminded me of lemonade and pink lemonade and some additional small talk, I snapped her portrait and told her I was all done. 

Ms. Betty informed me that her ride would be back momentarily from the store to pick her up, so I asked  her if she would sit and talk with me while she waited for her ride. After talking with Ms. Betty for about 45 minutes, I was encapsulated by her charm and attention to detail as she told me about her life and how our county used to look.

Ms. Betty and I have common views and opinions that living in a small town is such a warm and essential part in experiencing life. Ms. Betty shared with me that she used to live in Dallas and since moving to Kaufman County, she has never looked at moving back to the big city. 

Something I loved hearing from Ms. Betty was how exactly our county has changed. Ms. Betty lived in Forney before she had moved to Kaufman. She told me that when her and her husband first moved to Forney, they were able to name the street they lived on because there were only three other houses on their road. She informed me that Forney once was just farm land for miles and had very little retail businesses. Over the years, and since moving to Kaufman, Ms. Betty and her family watched as the county boomed over a few short years and turned into something she couldn’t recognize anymore.

As a Forney resident myself, I have watched the city of Forney expand and triple in retail and commercial business since moving there in 2017. The amount of expansion that the county has done is baffling knowing that even 10 years ago, over a third of what is in Forney now was never even thought of. 

Much like Ms. Betty, I like how things were many years ago, even though I was not born at the time. I enjoy going into antique stores with my family and looking at how things were in the past. These antique treasures were the keys to how everything around us was modernized. If I were granted a wish, I would choose to travel back in time for a day around 1950 or 1960. The times then were much simpler as well as less digitalized, almost little to none. 

Without the founding instruments and objects of our world, we would never be where we are today, which is fascinating to think about.

From a simple conversation with Ms. Betty, I found that we both share similar interest, thoughts, and ways of life. I look forward to seeing Ms. Betty every time I enter the church venue in hopes to crack a smile and another conversation. I thank Ms. Betty for her time that day because she has impacted my life and is now a reason why I push to produce and work harder and more creatively. Thank you Ms. Betty, for being my friend. 

Always be kind, love one another, and adjust your focus.

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