Have you ever pulled up to a certain drive through restaurant or smelled a certain smell and it brings you back to a moment in a past time? I’m sure you can think of many, both good memories and ones you wish you could forget or not remember about as often.

I tend to ponder about one thing and it leads me to reliving a memory in my head; especially as the seasons change. Something about the time of the year and the weather change brings back floods of different memories. I want to take you, the reader, on a journey through some of my memories of the past.

When the fall comes around I think about a particular individuals that I hung out with or talked to often. I think about the laughs, and inside-jokes made in the brisk autumn air during Friday night away games; thanks to Coach for the being the best storyteller during late night van trips back from the games. 

I can never forget the joy and laughter that came from the night Kaufman football played away in Argyle…one of my favorite nights ever. This night I met two of the best guys, the minions as Coach called them. To the minions-thank you guys for being so welcoming, the best listeners, and for walking me to my car after getting back late from away games. To the parents of these young men, you raised them wonderfully; they are so kind, compassionate, and brightening to anyone they meet.

During the fall, I also think about my time prepping for musical performances. Scrambling around trying to hot glue rhinestones to costumes or running over scenes with fellow cast members. Never will the smell of burning foam leave my sense…thanks to the best tech director/K-Pop lover.

Speaking of musicals, I can’t forget the time that I was assisting in directing our sitcom show and I was given the task to break up frozen mashed potatoes…obviously this evolved to a mini food fight backstage with my favorite gal, that can also act as she’s a fish, and with the guy who was made to play the part of Shrek with his phenomenal vocal range.

These are only a fraction of memories that I think about time to time. Luckily, I made them with the best of people. Thanks for trailing down memory lane with me.

Always be kind, love one another, and adjust you focus.

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