Scarecrows are ready for this weekend's festival

What’s a Scarecrow Festival without, well, scarecrows?

Noticing that there weren’t a lot of the stuffed creatures at Kaufman’s recent Scarecrow Festivals, Pam Grant at Especially for You Tearoom and some other downtown folks decided to sponsor a fun contest, asking businesses to create scarecrows to decorate their buildings. 

Thank you to my staff, by the way, for creating a cute newspaper reporter scarecrow! I hope all of you readers will come by and check him out! 

Anyway, I got to photograph and judge the entries, and all of them were fun and creative. The Mercantile has three scarecrows, including a Kaufman basketball player and a cowboy. Especially for You has a dressed up gal, while Mr. Ritz, wearing his dinner jacket, made us laugh in front of the office of Developmental Services of Kaufman County. There was an ET-inspired entry with a scarecrow riding his bicycle, courtesy of the accounting office of Brandon Diviney.

Accurate Air had the most elaborate entry, with a scarecrow sitting by a campfire next to his travel trailer, ready to kick back for a relaxing autumn weekend. 

Winslow’s Custom Buildings crafted the most humorous entry, in my opinion, with a wolf scarecrow getting ready to devour three little pigs. He even had his own grill and barbecue sauce. 

My Love’s Diner cracked us up, as well, with an outside customer, “Jack,” being served by a diner waitress, “Sally.” Three actual waitresses at the diner made this elaborate creation.

Down the street, Tiger Roofing had a real live scarecrow, owner Rodney Lawson. 

Cindy Rich, who also volunteered to judge, and I had difficult decisions to make! Ultimately, we chose My Love’s as the winner, with close runner up awards going to Accurate Air for second place and Developmental Services for third place. Tiger Roofing gets our live scarecrow award!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and to Pam for organizing a simple and fun event to get our businesses ready for this weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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