Summer has unofficially come to a close and it is time for all the kiddos to get back into the classroom and grow leaps and bounds in their knowledge. 

This week, I wanted to highlight a summer activity that my family partakes in multiple times throughout the duration of the summer. I have an exhilarating feeling come over me every time my car goes up the incline to cross the railroad tracks to enter the grounds of Ham Orchards. 

Many summers ago, our friends Chris, Angela, Jordyn, and Charley Hicks introduced me and my family to this gorgeous family-owned peach orchard. After taking your first bite of the peach and strawberry swirl soft serve ice cream sold in the Ham Orchard’s store, you immediately become hooked and want to come back to the orchard every day of the summer.

Over the years of coming to the orchard, the sweetness of a peach always sticks as a sensory memory in my brain. I ponder as to why the simple sweetness of a fruit is permanently imbedded there. A peach is not like a citrus fruit where you are hit with an initial sour taste, then a sweetness to follow.

A peach is continuously sweet. I continue to pick at the thoughts in my brain on why these peaches and their genetic makeup and flavors resonate so vividly to me. I finally determined that peaches represent, in my mind, the pure sweetness of the world’s beings. This fuzzy, vibrant, sweet fruit shows a representation that we all grow from a small seed that then blossoms and grows into the unique individuals we are. But if you were to peel back the layers, you would see that deep down there is a pit that protects our seeds of knowledge, our precious memories, deep secrets, and fears. 

What I find quite interesting is the parallel between human and peach. 

We never truly know what is behind the layers of a peach, or what is hiding inside the pit, unless we peel and dig out the layers. If we were to peel back layer by layer of one’s initial qualities and sweetness, we find that we are all alike once all of our layers are peeled away. 

We all contain a pit that protects these seeds of knowledge, our precious memories, deep secrets, and fears. Though we may not all hold and guard the same memories, secrets, fears, or knowledge, we all share a similarity for we all at our core have a pit that connects us all.

I challenge all the children who are back in the classrooms to show their teachers their best and sweetest qualities. I also want to remind all students that during this time of growth and learning essential knowledge,  to grow and peel back and show your layers when you are ready. 

Everyone has a different time to blossom, and that is great, because that timing is perfectly catered to you. 

I hope every student, teacher, and staff member has a fantastic year! 

Always be kind, love one another, and adjust your focus.

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