The change of the weather makes it even more real; fall is here! I don’t know about you but I’m so ready for a change in temperature. I love the summer and all the fun adventures it brings, but I’m ready for the cool days burning my favorite warm apple pie candle and watching a movie under a fuzzy blanket. Something about fall brings a fuzzy warm feeling.

A number one reason that I am a fan of fall is because of the fall scents that come out in stores. If I could, I would buy out all of the fall room sprays, candles, wall plugs, and wax melts. Especially if it has apple in it! If you haven’t ever burned an apple pumpkin candle, you are missing out…it is amazing!

Another reason I love fall is because fall time is football time. As I’ve mentioned in my opinion pieces before, I absolutely love football!

What else is a reason to love fall? All the awesome pictures you can take as the leaves change! Here are some tips for leaf pictures: 

• find different colors

• take images in front of a non-busy background: solid wall, sky and clouds, alleyway or corners

• shoot from a lower angle pointing the camera upwards; avoid shooting a picture at chest level

• laugh to help bring out a genuine smile in people photos

I encourage everyone to keep their eyes open as they are out and about this fall to take time to appreciate the colors and change that fall brings. Sometimes we get our nose stuck too far down in our phone and forget to look up and see our surroundings. I promise after watching your surroundings for five minutes, your text will still be there!

Also take this time while it isn’t too cold outside and go to parks, on walks, picnics, or even outdoor yard games. Once you get out to doing it, you will enjoy not only the fun with whoever you are with, but also the beautiful weather that we have been blessed with.

Always be kind, love one another, and adjust your focus.

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