Buy local, it’s good for our economy

I saw a cool saying the other day, “Buy local. Amazon doesn’t sponsor your kid’s soccer team.”

Quite true.

Who sponsors your kid’s soccer team? Or football, baseball or show choir, or whatever? 

Mom and Pop shops. In part, because they’re the ones who can be reached about sponsorships. 

Like most business people, I’m a sucker for a kid who’s out hustling, so if a team or student comes in to the newspaper office asking for our support, I do my best to provide it. 

We’re able to do that, of course, because of those of you who buy ads and subscriptions. Nothing against online publications, but they’re not sponsoring your kid’s team, either. 

So the Herald staff takes those ads, sends them out in our publications to reach more homes, you go in and buy things from those advertisers – it’s all a big circle.

The fun thing about being new in the area is I get to find out all of the goods and services we have here, and being from a town that’s smaller from Kaufman, by my standards it’s a veritable cornucopia.

So I’m likin’ the sandwiches at My Love’s Diner and Especially for You, the catfish and homemade rolls at Julio’s and the cool gifts and items at the Charter Room and Hydrangea House. 

Another aspect of buying local is that your local sales tax stays in your local community.

So instead of just clicking on your computer, check out what our local merchants have to offer. You’ll get a big hi and a thank you, as well. 

Thanks for reading,

— Melanie Mazur


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