It was a winter wonderland – briefly

What a surprise we received last week, right? I’d been watching forecasts Tuesday and Wednesday for possible ice storms, but really hadn’t considered that ice could come down as another form of precipitation.

So on Thursday morning when I opened the door to let my dog out, I was left wondering, “What is this stuff?”

Like a Wyo-Colorado gal can’t recognize snow, right? It just seemed out of context in Texas.

So I started tromping around outside to get a shot of frozen stuff on my spring flowers, then Sam Harmon sent his fantastic shot of Kaufman Square in the snowfall, and our coverage of the big blizzard of 2020 was good to go!

So now we’re back to the usual rain, which is always good for our farmers and gardeners, and I’m starting to think….spring might be coming, right?

With a possible U-turn for some more ice and snow, but something about February always makes me feel hopeful – warmer, longer days are on their way.

We don’t know when, but sometime.


Congratulations to the Kaufman High School Lady Lions for their senior basketball night. It must be hard to play for the last time on your home court. As a mom, it was hard to watch my son run for the last time in his track and cross-country meets, but I couldn’t help feeling proud and a tad relieved I wouldn’t have to drive four hours to all of his meets next year!

And to all of those local kids who won at the Fort Worth Stock Show – good for you!

Your hometown newspaper is proud of you.

Thanks for reading.

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