After the barrage of TV ads and mailers we received this election season, I’m relieved to be able to watch a show now with my kid and listen to the radio or open my mailbox and not get an onslaught of election ads.What will we do now with all of this peace and quiet?Well, there is that ongoing debate on facebook about how soon we can put up our Christmas decorations. I’m more of a Thanksgiving decoration person in November, so I’ll stick with myorange, brown and red fall foliage accents and cute little turkeys the kids made years ago, thank you.I try not to grouse too much at my early Christmas friends, even though I think 30 days of a Christmas tree is plenty. For those who put their tree up the day after Thanksgiving, and keep it up through the full 12 days of Christmas, that’s more than 40 days, actually.I checked the calendar, and Hanukkah starts on Dec. 11 this year for my Jewish friends. Maybe we could shake things up this year and put upsome blue and silver balls and a menorah in the middle of the month.Kwanzaa starts Dec. 26 –that could be another way to finish up the holidays this year before New Year’s Day and Epiphany on Jan. 6.So I’m imagining all of these lovely holidays this year, even though they might be a little different for some of us. There won’t be as many big family gatherings, but maybe a small holiday can be a gift, too. And maybe we can take a weird 2020 and think about this:What if we all kept the friendship of Thanksgiving, the miracle of Hanukkah, the joy of the birth of a savior at Christmas, and the week of gift-giving and feast of Kwanzaa, and kept that in our hearts for the remainder of this year, and maybe permanently?It doesn’t seem possible after a mean-spirited election season, but what the heck, I’m an optimist.Maybe we can keep our eye out for whirled peas, if not world peace. I think we might have peas this year for Thanksgiving! I’m not sure about whirling them, but it’s a thought.Thanks for reading.

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