Holiday gifting for those living with Alzheimer's and their caregivers

Gifts for people with Alzheimer’s in the early stages

Items to help remember things

-magnetic reminder refrigerator pads

-Post-It notes

-baskets or trays that can be labeled within cabinets or drawers

-a small pocket-sized diary or notebook

-erasable white boards for key rooms in the house

-a memorable calendar featuring family photos. Write special family occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries

Items to help with everyday tasks

-a memory phone that can store up to eight pictures with the names and contact information of family and friends automatic medication dispenser that can help the person living with Alzheimer’s remember to take medicine

-nightlights that come on automatically when it gets dark

-a clock with the date and time in large type

Items to help keep the person engaged

-an outing to a movie, play or concert, sporting event, museum or possibly an organized holiday shopping trip with friends and family

-favorite musical CDs or CD with compilation of favorite tunes

-a DVD collection of favorite movies or subscription to a streaming service.

-activities such as scrapbooking or other craft projects

Gifts for people with Alzheimer’s in the middle-to-late stages

Sensory stimulation gifts. Stimulating the five senses may bring back pleasant memories. 

Clothes. Get comfortable, easy to remove, easily washable clothes.

Music. Research shows that music has a positive impact on individuals with Alzheimer’s, bringing them back to good times, increasing stimulation and providing an opportunity to interact with family members. Buy favorite CDs or burn a CD full of musical favorites

Framed photographs or a photo collage. Copy photos of family members and friends at photo centers, insert the names of the people in the photo and put in frames or in a photo album created specifically for that person.

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