To the editor, 

I am currently a patient at Kaufman Presbyterian Hospital and I am just in recovery from a operation. Believe me, I wouldn’t be in here if it hadn’t been absolutely necessary. Fortunately, I do not have COVID-19, which accounts for the hospital to be absolutely overflowing with very sick patients. 

The hospital is completely out of room and is very short-staffed. In fact, they are bringing in staff from other states. But still, they are doing everything they possibly can to provide me with good care. The situation is astonishing from the way it has escalated. 

I wish Kaufman people would understand how tirelessly our valiant medical staff is working here; pulling long shifts and long days in a row. It is astonishing how they are able to provide quality care for so many. Not only the doctors and nurses, but let's not forget the laundry workers, admin staff, kitchen staff, and housekeeping personal who are also having to pull double shifts at enormous cost for so little pay. My heart goes out to so many families that are sitting in the waiting room for hours in silent desperation. 

I couldn’t help but notice the poor man sitting next to me as he wept for his dying wife. "We’ve been married over 40 years," he told me. "Please God don’t take her from me now," he prayed through his tears. 

In all these days as I have witnessed so much bravery and resilience, the one moment of anguish was one of the RNs as he prepared yet another infant. 

"‘Why won’t they listen?" he shouted. "Please, why won’t they listen?"

I encourage you all to do all that you can for the sake of your loved ones and for those around you.

Please do what you can, be it vaccination, social distancing, masks, the washing of hands, everything you can do. Please help to stop the spread of what is overwhelming our community and our country. 

Please also show your appreciation to all our medical workers from here and from afar who have come to help and do whatever they can under all circumstances to help the terribly sick here in our own community. 

—Carolyn Long

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