Too often you find yourself in a situation and aren't sure what to do. Here are some everyday tips that could come in handy!

Chew the aspirin

Taking an aspirin at the outset of a heart attack could save a life. But for an aspirin to save your life during a heart attack, you need to chew it. Aspirin, which inhibits platelets that speed blood clots, works fastest if chewed.

Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion: Degrees in Celsius x 1.8 plus 32

Only 5 countries measure temperature using Fahrenheit, so it is good to know how to convert from one to another. C to F:Take the temperature times 1.8 and add 32. F to C:Reverse the math. Subtract 32, thendivide by 1.8.

Cats like milk, but it often does not like them

It’s not healthy for your cat to eat or drink anything that contains dairy. Cats have a degree of lactose intolerance and can get sick from large quantities of milk.

Miles to kilometers? Use the 3-5 method for an approximation

• Kilometers to Miles: Divide by 5, multiply times 3

• Miles to Kilometers: Divide by 3, multiply times 5

  • Easily restore browser tabs

Control+Shift+T restores most closed browser tabs. Control+Alt+Shift+T restores entire closed browser windows.

Never fear calls from the IRS

Don’t be afraid of a phone call from the IRS –because they will never call without mailing you first. If you owe money to Uncle Sam, the IRS will always initiate communication via mail.Barry J. Pierce is a certified public accountant in Kaufman.

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