If I could describe 2021 in one word, I would use the word eventful. This year has been filled with numerous events both exciting and ones that were unexpected curveballs thrown at us.

We were welcomed into the new year by Mother Nature with “Snowmageddon” and we all celebrated Christmas with a majority of us wearing our summer wardrobe. But, we do live in Texas so are we really surprised by the extreme weather changes?

2021 has been a big year for me personally; I have met new people, said goodbye to some, been given new opportunities, traveled, and most importantly, I have grown into myself. 

Though I am still growing each day and figuring out this crazy thing called life, like I’m sure many of you are as well, I have come a long way from where I was in 2020. As cliche as it is for people to say they are proud of how far they’ve come and that they are proud of the changes they have made, I find it true for myself. 

I have made career choices that have already brought me so far even if making these choices made me uncomfortable, they pushed me past my limits and aided in growing my skills. I have chosen to try new things and go places that normally when invited, I would have been skittish about and said no to going. I made the choice to cut my inner circles smaller for a healthier mind and healthier life. I learned how to appreciate myself and my time by myself; learning to not be dependent upon others to make me happy is such a freeing feeling.

I am so grateful for all the memories that I made in 2021 from the winter storms to becoming a high school graduate to my everyday work life that I enjoy so much. Though I hold those memories close to my heart, I look forward to the new memories I will make in 2022. 

The inner Taylor Swift fan in me can’t hold this back anymore so this is for all my Swifties and those alike … I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 2022!

Always be kind, love one another, and adjust your focus.

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