100 days or 100 years, it's worth celebrating in your newspaper

When I was told local elementary students were dressing up as 100-year-olds to celebrate 100 days of school, well heck, that makes newspaper photographers almost jump for joy. You’re just about guaranteed a good photo for the front page.

The cute kids in their glasses and walkers and canes enjoyed dressing up for the day, and that reminded me of the other end of the age spectrum it has been my privilege to cover – actual 100-year-olds. If a reader hits three figures, and we’re invited to come over, we’ll come take your picture for the Herald.

Ninety-eight or 99? That works too. They’re darned close!

This is why I hope you all will continue reading and supporting the Kaufman Herald. We’re here to cover our community, from the young to the aged, and everything in between.

The Herald – and all newspapers, actually – need your support to do that.

We need readers — either of the print version or the electronic edition – to subscribe or buy a paper every week. We need advertisers to buy ads in the newspaper or our special sections. Without that, we're not going to be here, and we son't be able to print those photographs and list those names of first-grade students and FFA members and senior citizens.

Can you see that on social media? Sure, at least from the your friends and people you know. Will readers get accurate coverage of county commission meetings, school boards, city councils and state legislators on social media? Nope.

Professional news organizations, while much maligned in today's society, are the ones who will provide that coverage, and a vast majority of time, that comes from your local newspaper. So thank you for reading, and please join me in congratulating Kaufman students for their hard work in our local schools!

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