Kaufman City Council passed resolution R-20-19 in support of the Kaufman County Transportation Bond Program and the Kaufman County Facilities Bond Program in their regular meeting Sept. 23 at Kaufman City Hall.

Mayor Jeff Jordan addressed both propositions, “There are two needs that are way past due, and they are not going to go away. There is never a cheaper time to do anything than doing it yesterday.”

He sated that the space in Kaufman County facilities has been an ongoing problem for decades as well as the condition of the Kaufman County roads. These bonds would address those issues.

Mayor Jordan continued, “While this road bond proposition is roughly $100 million, the way financing works with TXDOT, you will leverage close to $1 billion if you pass these bonds. TXDOT money is a pool of taxpayer dollars. If you don’t pass these bonds, it will not save you that money. That money is going to get spent, but if we vote positively on these bonds and we are well prepared, we can get them to spend this money on Kaufman County instead of somewhere else.”

Kaufman City Council is supporting both the Kaufman County Transportation Bond Program and the Kaufman County Facilities Bond Program. The Mayor Jeff Jordan and the Kaufman City Council are encouraging the residents of Kaufman to vote “yes” to both Bond programs put before them in the Nov. 5 election.

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