The American Red Cross typically has a toughtime keeping the blood supply strong during the winter months when inclement weatherand seasonal illnesses can impact donors. This year the pandemic adds in anotherchallenge in keeping the blood supply strong. The Red Cross is urging healthy individuals to make an appointment to give blood or platelets this month. 

Every day there are thousands of patients who rely on lifesaving blood donations –people like Leslie Johnson. In 2005, a farming accident left Johnson with brokenbones and massive bleeding. In the first 24 hours after the accident, shereceived 10 units of blood and platelets. Additional transfusions and surgeries followed.

Johnson’s high school-age daughter, Emily, hosted a blood drive lastsemester because she recognizes the role of blood in helping save her mom’slife. “If blood had not been available when she needed it, she might not be heretoday. I might not have had my mom growing up. It’s my honor to be able to promote blood donation and help pay it forward to others in need.” 

As Leslie Johnson faces additional surgeries to address ongoing injuries from theaccident, she may need more blood transfusions. 

“It’s so important, especially as we navigate this pandemic, to make sure there isblood available,” said Emily. “Blood is such a meaningful gift to give.” 

One heartwarming gesture deserves another As a thank-you for helping ensure a stable blood supply, those who come to give this February will receive a $5 Gift Card via email, courtesy of Amazon. (Restrictions apply. Additional information and details are availableat

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