Are political signs just more trash?

We had a complaint on the Herald facebook page this week about the number of political signs that go up for the primary election. Our reader said they’re a waste of money, make the city look like unsightly (he used a slightly more colorful word) and make voters not want to vote.

I don’t know if I would go that far, but we do have a lot of them out this year.

For more in-depth information about elections, I hope you’ll read our coverage of the primary races, starting this week with the three-way race for the 422nd district court judge.

I’ve covered lots of local elections in my career, but this is the first time I’ve covered a local judgeship that is elected by the voters, so I’m on a learning curve.

Voters always seem to get fired up about presidential elections, but my thought always has been that it’s local school boards and city councils and judges who have far more impact on our day-to-day lives than the president, or even many state offices.

I covered one race for state representative where a young Democrat didn’t really have much of a chance against a popular Republican incumbent, and she came up with a novel approach, telling voters she wasn’t going to print signs because they’re bad for the environment. She won about 30% of the vote, so heck, maybe that’s a possible angle for some future candidate.

We will have articles in upcoming issues about the three-way sheriff’s race, as well as the three candidates running for Precinct 1 of the Kaufman County Commission. Three constable elections also have two candidates running for each seat.

Our Voters Guide will be available in February, as well, in both the Shopping Guide and The Kaufman Herald.

Thanks for reading.

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