Melanie Mazur

First I want to start this week by thanking you for reading the Kaufman Herald. Without all of you readers, we wouldn’t be here.

Some people like some of the changes we’re making, including our increased sport coverage, and some, well …. not so much. And I understand, about 80% of the time, I’m not a big advocate of change, either! I get comfortable just rolling along, kind of doing the same thing, then blam, someone goes and upsets my routine without consulting me on it. Darned annoying.

So even as we try to improve your local newspaper, how do we decide what goes in there, anyway?

Honestly, a lot of that is dictated by you, our readers and advertisers. If your business or ad buys an ad promoting an event, we try to help you get the word out about it.  

Then there are the press releases, phone calls, and letters to the editor we receive. No, we can’t guarantee your submission will go in the paper, but we do look at all of them and do our best to fit in as many as possible.

Then finally, there’s the news behind the event. Newspapers feature the stories of our lives. Sometimes, it’s pretty basic stuff, sometimes it’s funny, and other times, it’s heartbreakingly sad. Rather like life itself, in my opinion. 

Then our staff has to take all of that information and figure out the big deciding factor – how much room do we have in this week’s edition? That varies widely, and again, because we are a business, that is dictated by advertising. The more ads we have, the more pages we have. Want to guarantee that your event or business is in the newspaper? I’d really recommend buying an ad. Beyond that, it depends on how much staff we have to cover that event and what else we need to write about that week.

Of course, if you like something, or don’t like it, please let us know by writing a letter to the editor, sign your name on it, and we’ll print it! It can be about the newspaper, the football team, or the county or city – if it’s local, we will certainly consider it for publication. 

Secondly, thanks for putting up with me for the past couple of months as you’ve had a totally newbie publisher coming on board your local paper. Luckily for me, your Kaufman Herald staff is talented and hard-working, so they’ve continued to produce a great edition every week as I have tried to learn my way around and help out as much as I can. I’d like to thank everyone who has stopped by the office to say hello, called, e-mailed, or just waved at a football game or as I’ve been delivering the directories for the Kaufman Chamber of Commerce. I met lots of business people as I dropped off our certificates for the Best of Kaufman awards, as well.


Good luck tomorrow night to the Kaufman Lions at the homecoming football game! And congratulations to the inductees into the Kaufman High School Sports Hall of Fame. Crandall will host Mabank on Oct. 11 for the Pirates’ homecoming, as well.

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