Our new sportswriter, Michael Morrill, has had a busy first season at the Kaufman Herald! We are proud to have him on our staff, and more importantly, we are proud of our local athletes! 

Kaufman High School tennis and cross country should be proud of their state performances last weekend. No matter what, these athletes can always hold their heads up and proudly say, “I made it to state.” No one can ever take that accomplishment away from them.We have parents of high school athletes on our staff, so I’m learning from them how much work it takes for a student to get to state.

It’s not just showing up for every practice and every game. It’s workouts and training during the off season. It’s sportscamps during the summer. It’s listening to the coaches and following the team rules. A group of the best athletes ever won’t make a run into state playoffs if they’re not listening to their coaches and working with each other as a team. Kaufman footballhad a successful building year, as well, and the volleyball team played their hearts out as they celebrated their bi-district championship. Congratulations also to Scurry-Rosser volleyball, cross-country and football for a successful season!

And now Crandall, which had to start their season later this year due to changes in the 5A schedule, will be finishing their fall sports.I hope we can see some basketball games and weightlifting this winter, or maybe we will have to wait for spring baseball, track andsoccer to do that. I’m looking forward to spring music concerts, as well! 

Either way, our congratulations to our local students. They are working hard and excelling during exceptionally difficult times.

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