Laura Henry-Pugh

We are five weeks into our three-month campaign to raise money to assist Kaufman County agencies with much-needed funding to continue their great work. 

United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community.  But we are more than fund raisers, we are hand raisers. We raise our hands not only to lead the fight,  but to reach out to people who need help and hope.

Our 2018 campaign goal is $200,000. In 2017, we fell short of our goal by $50,000. As a result, local agencies we serve received less money, which impacted their ability to serve our communities. Funding is not a guarantee and it varies on donations received throughout our community.

Agencies funded last allocations are American Red Cross, Children’s Medical Center, Family Peace Project, Kaufman Christen Help Center, Kaufman County Children’s Advocacy Center, Kaufman County Children’s Shelter, Lone Star CASA, Salvation Army, Senior Connect, Share Center, Still Waters, Camp Sweeney and Visiting Nurse Association. 

Through the first five weeks of this year’s campaign, we have raised $1,841.14 through various fundraising events, including restaurant benefit nights and Neighborhood Lending Libraries. We are currently running our annual fall campaign through Dec. 31. This includes corporate donations, employee workforce campaigns and individual donations. Local companies who are supporting us in employee workforce campaigns are City of Kaufman, City of Terrell, Nucor Building Systems, Oldcastle Building Envelope, Madix and Trinity Valley Electric Co-op

Giving a little to the United Way can go a long way when you consider the things we spend money on every week. For example, a $5 cup of coffee equals 30 meals for a family. A $10 24-pack of sodas equals counseling for three individuals for abuse. A $20 pair of movie tickets equals an advocate for ten abused children. A $50 dinner out equals disaster relief for one person. A $100 jacket equals a year of school supplies for seven children. 

Our goals are to discover what our community needs and to promote community impact through our education, income and heath programs. Our focus this quarter is on health, which includes but is not limited to access to public benefits, health resources, importance of healthy eating and exercise. First quarter of 2019 our focus will be on finance which includes but not limited to financial education, affordable housing and basic needs.

Thank you, Kaufman County for all you do to support the United Way. You can follow us on Facebook at UWKaufmanCounty or on Twitter at #UWKaufman. Our website is If you need more information, please feel free to contact me at


Pugh is executive director of the Kaufman County United Way.

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