I am writing this letter to provide your readers with a little information about our Scott Ryder Veterans of Foreign War Post 3905 located here in Kaufman. 

Our Post mustered in 1952 has enjoyed a great relationship with our family of friends here in Kaufman County. Over the years we have enjoyed many activities, including benefits for very worthy causes.  Our Post is a member of the Kaufman Chamber of Commerce.  We participate in the Scarecrow festival and 4th of July parade, just to name a couple of events.

Each year we sponsor the Voice of Democracy and the Patriot pen contests through our post, which enable local area students to write essays that are then judged and prizes are awarded accordingly.  Your local VFW rewards those contest winners with plaques and cash awards toward scholarships.  These contests are judged statewide.

We also allow various motorcycle clubs to hold their benefits for worthy causes at our post.  Many are unaware that the very first motorcycle clubs ever established in the United States were service members returning home from the military.  Many due to there exposure to these two- and three-wheel machines during the war took up riding and forming organizations to enhance their “free” spirit, the feeling of the wind in their faces and the relaxation breezing down the roadways of the United States.

Because of the stigma that is associated with motorcycle clubs and due to occasional preconceived and sometimes justified thoughts about motorcycle clubs, many are judged before they are given an opportunity to demonstrate what they do for local communities.

Many Veterans Posts have affiliated motorcycle clubs comprised of veterans. They wear distinctive leather vests that outline which post or club they belong to and there are some that are not affiliated with veterans organizations.  These distinctive vests are a sign of solidarity and comradeship as many of us did while serving our country by wearing our uniforms of choice in public view.

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club of Cedar Creek Lake have held a Hunt for the Cure benefit at our VFW Post twice per year to continue to raise awareness and funds to support this very fine organization.  For any who are not acquainted with the Hunt for the Cure, they are organized to help children and are dedicated to enriching the lives of children and young adults diagnosed with life threatening or life altering conditions.

Their goal is to provide these children and their families an experience of a lifetime.  Hunting, fishing and camping trips allow these families to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.  Over the past years, this same organization has worked side by side with the VFW in providing water for our first responders.

Over the past several Sundays, at times twice per month, the Guardian of the Children Motorcycle club, holds their monthly meetings at our post and are open to the public.  Their purpose is to recognize and react to child abuse and to educate the public to do the same, to serve as advocates to provide strength and stability to families in crisis.  You may check the post for the upcoming meeting dates.

Once per week Veterans from Post 3905 and supporters combine to volunteer their efforts to deliver food to those in need within the Kaufman community through the Food Bank in Terrell.  Upwards of 15 families weekly are currently being helped.  Every year, our volunteers prepare and deliver a great many Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to the various long- term care facilities in Kaufman and the surrounding area.

“Our Emergency Assist a Vet program” is a program that works with our local Sheriffs’ department to assist any veteran who finds him/herself in a situation of needing emergency assistance while passing through our community.

Your Veterans of Foreign Was Post 3905 has taken a step forward within the community so as to continue to serve where needed.  Throughout the year from time to time the Post holds various benefits to help with the costs associated with the programs, and all funds derived from these Post benefits are utilized within our community.

— Chuck Stradley Commander FW Post 33905 Kaufman

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