What we are thankful for

OK, there’s the usual stuff – food in our kitchens, family, good health, etc.

But checking in with the staff this week, a few other things did come up on the list to be thankful for this year.

Some new homes topped the list for Amy and Wendy. Amy and her family have been in their house for a few months, while Wendy and family should be moving into theirs shortly.

For Annette, it’s a healthy family and adorable grandchildren.

Andrew, who is heading to a new job in New Jersey next month, is grateful for new opportunities. He also appreciates how much people here are wishing him the best in his new endeavors. We will miss him, and we thank him for his excellent writing and reporting. 

Me – I’m glad to have a job, two healthy sons, and a husband who puts up with my newspaper habit.

If I’m remembering my old history lessons correctly, the United States was the first country to officially observe a day of thanks.

We have so much to be thankful for here, that a lot of times, we really don’t even think about it. But think about our freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  I work in one of the few countries in the world that guarantees its reporters an absolute freedom of press. Many European countries still have restrictions on what their newspapers can print or can’t print. Imagine that.

And we have the right to worship in the way we wish, own guns, and to assemble as citizens. These are also cherished rights that many in this world do not have.

So along with turkey, dressing and pie, which are some of my absolute favorites, I hope you will join me in thinking about what is important this year.

Frankly, Black Friday sales don’t even make it on my list, in large part because I enjoy relaxing on my days off. 

But having readers and advertisers of the Kaufman Herald? I am definitely thankful for that.

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