Hello friends and fellow travel enthusiasts! I hope that you have been able to get out and see the world a little bit or have some plans in place to do so very soon. In my opinion, there is not really a better time than now to get out there and make some incredible memories with those you love most. Speaking of getting out there and seeing the world, I wanted to use this space to share an update on travel requirements for some of the most popular destinations that I am quoting and booking right now. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular year-round destination, Mexico. As a country, there are currently no entry requirements outside of wearing a mask when asked per location stipulations. This is most common in the high-traffic areas of Cancun, Cozumel, and Los Cabos. Most, if not all resorts, have this requirement in place for indoor areas and in some of the more popular spots around the resort. Similar requirements are in place at the cruise port in Cozumel as well. When returning to the U.S., guests must have a negative test within three days of arrival back in the U.S.

The state of Hawaii has a couple of different restrictions in place depending on vaccination status. If you are vaccinated, you are able to bypass the state’s 10-day quarantine requirement and you are also able to bypass the pre-arrival test requirement. For those travelers that are not vaccinated, there is a pre-travel test process that can be taken prior to arrival. 

The Bahamas are the top Eastern Caribbean destination for couples and families alike. With attractions such as Atlantis in Paradise Island to the pink sand beaches on Harbor Island, The Bahamas really do have something for everyone. The entry requirements for this great destination are pretty minimal for vaccinated and non-vaccinated guests; a negative test is required within five days of travel. Those results will be uploaded when obtaining a Bahamas Travel Health Visa and also presented in person. When returning to the U.S., guests must have a negative test within three days of arrival back in the U.S.

Our last destination is across the pond to the United Kingdom (UK). This includes London, Ireland, Scotland, and other great spots within the UK. The architecture, fish and chips, historic castles, and perhaps even a Loch Ness Monster sighting make a trip to Western Europe a true bucket-list destination. For travelers that have been vaccinated, no pre-arrival test is necessary. For those who are not vaccinated, pre-travel testing one to three days prior to arrival is required, along with additional testing on days two and eight of a 10-day quarantine. When returning to the U.S., guests must have a negative test within three days of arrival back in the U.S.

Travel is returning safely and at a great pace. There are so many destinations that you can travel to and the entry requirements are ever-changing. If you have a travel advisor, make sure they are keeping you updated on destinations you are most interested in or are booked to travel to soon. Feel free to reach out to me as well for any travel questions or needs. I can be reached at davidmaddron@travelmation.net

As always, leave this world with memories, not dreams! 

Wishing you a great big beautiful tomorrow!

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