To the editor:

The past 10 days have been a trying time and, when coupled with COVID, a true nightmare for some.

At the electric company, the water company, the internet and phone providers, and the gas and propane companies, there are men and women with the responsibility to answer the phone when it rings with a smile and provide solutions to the callers’ problems.

I think I would be safe in saying that most of these hard-working folks had a very tough week, with one angry and frustrated customer after another.

I believe that most people are good, but the recent weather and accompanying issues tested us all.

So that’s the past, done and gone. Let’s not dwell on it. To all those fine folks on the front lines taking these mean-spirited, insulting and even abusive calls, I wish to say thank you, thank you for not making it personal.

Thank you for doing your job, even if that was delivering bad news and then staying on the line to hear the words fly at you. I have some overdue recognition, as well.

•To Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative, to the workers in the field working in single-digit temperatures to get us all back on line. 

•To all those who took the calls. 

•To the local water companies and phone and internet companies, and to all the store cashiers, stockers and managers.

•Thank you to the Texas Highway Department.

Let’s just put it like this. Over 99% of the time I flip a switch a light comes on. 99% of the time I twist on our faucet handle, water pours out. 99% of the time I turn the knob on my stove, the burner lights up.

Thanks to all of you, and please forgive me because I know there are many I have forgotten and therefore omitted.

To all of you, please accept our heartfelt thanks. You all did a fantastic job under difficult circumstances.

Thank you! Thank you! And thank you once more!

We appreciate you. Keep up the great work. It is appreciated.

With much gratitude,

Brad and Carmen Starkes



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