Always Accurate's Tree of Remembrance located at 1404 S. Washington St. 

Always Accurate Home Healthcare and Hospice is offering families the opportunity to remember loved ones lost this year through their Tree of Remembrance. 

In the midst of the Christmas season, and a difficult year, Always Accurate Hospice has created something special. Today, through Dec. 25, families have the invitation to go byAlways Accurate’s building and give honorable remembrance to their loved ones. 

Dennis Hogan, chaplain, brought the Tree of Remembrance to Kaufman this year after giving leadership to this special cause at American Home Health in Terrell for several years. “[The tree) gives families the opportunity to come by and remember their family member that passes away during the year,” explain Hogan. Participants are invited to decorate an ornament in commemoration and place it on the tree. Additionally, Always Accurate staff offers a safe space to talk and share stories about the loved one over refreshments. “It helps families through the holidays,” said Hogan. 

The Tree of Remembrance is open for all weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Always Accurate Hospice was opened in 2014. They are a group of healthcare professionals striving to provide palliative (comfort) care to patients in the area. Always Accurate provides services to the counties of Dallas, Ellis, Henderson, Kaufman, Navarro, Rockwall and Van Zandt. Always Accurate Hospice provides care in the home, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. 

Always Accurate Hospice’s mission Is to honor life, offer care and comfort with dignity and ease the burdens of all patients, caregivers and families enduring the challenges of a serious and progressive illness

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