Todd and Casey Gent, a dynamic father-daughter duo, are authors, speakers, and owners of Swamp Productions. When it comes to painting pictures of real life experiences they nail their depiction that in turn, educates and inspires readers. So far, the duo has released a total of three books with more in the works.

 “I always wanted to write about one of the most enjoyable times in my life,” Todd Gent said of his decision to become an author. 

He explained that for his first book, “Hold Your Breath…Breathe," he wanted to “tell about a kid just getting through and what it was like getting out of high school.” This book tells the story of a young man who baled hay most summers and decided after high school to go work in a big city. The story takes readers through the character’s discovery of radiology school and how it impacts his future career and life overall.

The second book the duo produced was “Make It Count.” This book was produced after Casey discovered her brother Colby’s journals after he died in 2008 after a long battle with cystic fibrosis.  “Make It Count” is Colby’s story, told with some of his journals, and shows readers life through his eyes. The book's title is “Make It Count” because that was a phrase Colby lived by.

The third book produced was the first book in the series of “The Life and Canine Times of Pee Wee and Buddy.” This children's series aims to teach kids how to treat people with kindness and that emotions are normal to experience.

The duo both enjoy co-writing with one another, Casey said.

“The best part is all the fun and the laughing we had. It just keeps you motivated to keep writing more.” Both said their initial inspiration behind all their writings was Colby. He had a mindset that he didn’t care what others said. “He would be the first one to make a joke,” Casey said.

All three books provide different perspectives of life that all somewhat parallel to one another, with something for everyone to take away from each book.

Books are available for purchase on websites and electronic book platforms. Podcasts are available to stream on Facebook, Anchor, and Spotify. 

To contact Todd and Casey Gent directly, email, or follow their journey on Facebook at

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