Kaufman Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Lori Blaylock has set district-improvement goals for the 2021 calendar year. 

Each year, designated KISD teachers, along with district administration, work to establish goals for the district.

This year, those included 

• Improving student achievement

• Improving student career-college readiness

• Recruiting and retaining highly qualified staff

• Improving student programs and services

• Providing a safe and orderly learning environment. 

At the KISD school board meeting on Jan. 11, Blaylock presented her vision for improvement in the district this year. 

The superintendent focused special attention to improving student career-college readiness. She would like the district to increase the number of students receiving Career Tech license and certifications, as well as implementing the College Bridge curriculum in college prep classes. In short, she wants to see more of KISD’s students college-career ready.

A student is determined college-career ready by receiving a license or certification in high school, meeting a certain score on the SAT or ACT exams, or completing a collegeprep class at Kaufman High School. Additionally, a student qualifies as college-career ready if enlisting in the military. 

Another area of focused effort is centered on providing a safe learning environment. This goal has taken on whole new meaning amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Blaylock is aiming to continue to utilize state and federal COVID funds to support campus safety. Along with these efforts, energy will be expended to continually be flexible and transitionstudent programs and extracurricular activity schedules as allowed by the pandemic. Navigating COVID-19 protocols has proved difficult throughout the school year. “Things are rapidly changing,” Blaylock stated. 

In a positive light, Dr. Blaylock praised all those involved for their cooperation and flexibility. “Our kids and parents have been great,” said Blaylock. She noted that parents have been supportive and have responded well to all the changes the year has presented. Blaylock hopes the newly implemented four and a half day instructional week will serve the teachers well and provide some much need rest. Recognizing the difficulty of this year and fatigue, Dr. Blaylock hopes to maintain as many current teachers as possible. “We absolutely could not have made it this year without the dedication of our teachers,” Blaylock said. “They have sacrificed conference periods, worked from home, and taken on new responsibilities.” 

“Academically, we are very strong,” said Blaylock. KISD is seeing a high graduation rateas well as higher standardized test scores each year. Blaylock expressed her pleasure with where the district stands entering 2021. “I am very optimistic about the results are kids are going to see this year and next year,” said Blaylock. 

Financially, she noted KISD remains strong despite all the challenges surrounding the pandemic.

Blaylock thanked Joe Nicks, assistant superintendent of academics, and Kell Clopton, assistant superintendent of schools, for their special dedication and hard work this school year. 

Goal-setting is seen as highly valuable by district administration. “Goal-setting ensures that district resources are available in key areas,” said Blaylock. 

Additionally, the goals set by the superintendent serve as one data point for her annual board evaluation.

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