Kaufman County’s Gift of Hope is making Christmas a little brighter this year by providing dozens of children with Christmas gifts. 

Gift of Hope has been giving the children of Kaufman County Christmas gifts now for four years. Sponsored by REACH Child Placing Agency, Gift of Hope partners with the Kaufman and Terrell police and fire departments, local churches, and community volunteers to provide gifts for nominated children. 

Each year, children in the county are nominated by community members and school districts to be Gift of Hope recipients. This year, 96 children will be receiving Christmas presents. The number of children served is so large, the project is being divided between the two locations in Kaufman and Terrell. On Dec. 17, Gift of Hope children gathered at host sites Terrell Police Department and First Baptist Church of Kaufman. From there, children loaded into squad cars and fire engines and were transported to the local Walmart. Each officer and firefighter was given a $100 gift card to purchase gifts for each child. 

After shopping, children and sponsors reunited at their respective sites - FBC Kaufman and FBC Terrell. There, each child’s family was provided dinner while a local pastor shared the Christmas story. 

“Gift of Hope is a community event to build relationships with children who are, in some way, in crisis,” said Tammy Pargoud, founder and CEO of REACH. This charitable giving involves children who are, in some way, involved with Child Protective Services, or families who are in financial need. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many families qualified this year. “We want to ensure these children and families that they are part of alarger community that cares for one another,” said Pargoud, a native of Louisville, Kentucky and a current Terrell resident. She is committed to serving and advocating for children who have been abused and neglected and families in crisis within her community. 

Since 2018, REACH Child Placing Agency has aimed to serve children with passion and love. REACH brings awareness to the church and partnering organizations concerning the broken, abandoned, and orphaned within the community. Pargoud and REACH are committed to offer hope and salvation to children and families in despair and in need of resources. 

For more information on REACH Child Placing Agency, visit reachcpatx.org.

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