As COVID-19 cases rise around Texas, questions are surfacing around the school district’s plan moving forward.

For now, Kaufman Independent School District is planning to resume classes on Nov. 30 after Thanksgiving break.

“We try to prepare for any eventuality,” stated Jeremy Melton, KISD Director of Communications. “That would include moving forward with school, virtual learning, and all of those things.” Melton went on to explain, “We have [a short amount of time] until Thanksgiving and we have no way to project where Texas is then. The best the school district can do is prepare for any possible outcome."

As of Nov. 16, the district has reported 13 confirmed COVID-19 cases during the 2020-21 school year.

There have been outbreaks at Nash Elementary, Norman Jr. High School and Kaufman High School, more among teachers and staff than the students, said Lori Blaylock, the district superintendent.

The Texas Education Association has standards for closing schools and districts, and so far, "our levels of COVID exposure are not to that point," Blaylock said, speaking in amessage she recorded on the district's Facebook page.

"We are so happy to have our kids in school, and for the most part, they are healthy andlearning," she added.

If a case of the virus is reported, that classroom is disinfected, and regular cleaning is an ongoing process this year, she noted.

The district continues to receive regular information from both local and state officials regarding the virus. A recent Kaufman ISD Facebook post asked parents to remind students to wear masks not only at school, but at other events outside the home.

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