Local law enforcement gathered Oct. 25 for the quarterly Kaufman CountyChief's meeting and to hear from Callie Crow of Drew's 27 Chains. After losing her son Drew to a fentanyl overdose in June of 2020, Callie realized that she had to live out Drew’s purpose by spreading the awareness regarding addiction and overdose. Callie partnered with the University of Texas San Antonio Health Sciences Center and many other resources to obtain enough Narcan to give to anyone who wants it.

In 2015, Senate Bill 1462 was passed allowing anyone in the State of Texas to have access to Narcan, carry it and administer it if needed. This same bill also protects against any legal liabilities. Narcan saves lives every single day. It’s easy to administer and can harm absolutely no one, even if given to someone who isn't actively overdosing.

For any questions or inquiries for Callie to share the story of her son and how to prevent overdoses, contact Callie Crow at calliecrow3@gmail.com.

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