In spite of concerns following threats on social media, rally surrounding Confederate soldier statue ends peacefully in Kaufman. 

The City of Kaufman took necessary precaution both leading up to and during the rally. Kaufman police department and Kaufman Co. constables were present for the sake of halting any activity that would have turned violent. These measures were taken for the protection of citizens and city property. 

 The leading voices of the protest were against the statue staying in its current location. “Why are we honoring a traitor that lost the war? It shouldn’t be here,” said Kaufman native Chris Wilson. “Especially in front of the County Courthouse. It was put up to intimate people of color.” Wilson, along with others in his party, insisted they do not want the statue destroyed, but rather relocated. “It needs to be in a more appropriate location,” explained Wilson. 

 Another individual leading the charge explained his hopes behind their efforts. “One of the reasons we are doing this today is to bring some historical insight and documentation to the table,” stated Blinn Combs. “I realize a lot of people think this is just a part of the history and heritage of the town. But I think this action is a necessary corrective, precisely because people have been very successful in revising our understanding of our actual past.”  

Individuals who want the statue to stay in place were also present for the rally. “We’ve all been fighting this for the past two months,” said Alice Hogue of Forney. “We all agree the Civil War was wrong, but it happened and it shouldn’t be forgotten. I know older people here in Kaufman and this really means a lot to them.” 

 The events at the courthouse did involved a few heated exchanges between opposing parties. All in all, the night progressed without major disturbance. 

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