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Bissell Pet Foundation (BPF) is aiming to bring holiday hope to homeless pets across America with its Empty the Shelters - Holiday Hope event this month. On Dec. 13 and 14, BPF will support more than 120 shelters by offering reduced-fee pet adoptions.

The Empty the Shelters event will include shelters across 25 states, including The Human Society of Cedar Creek Lake in Tool, located just 11 miles south of Kemp on Highway 274. All adoptable pets available during the event will be microchipped, and spay/neutering is included in the adoption fee.

BPF prioritizes funding for adoption. Since some shelters have higher success with a two-day event or a free adoption rather than a reduced-fee, each participating organization is able to determine the parameters that will help the most pets in their area. BPF will provide the same shelter reimbursement for each pet adopted with the goal of making adoption more affordable for families.

To permanently end the homeless pet problem, everyone around the country needs to understand that there are beautiful, worthy animals in shelters who should be the first choice when bringing a pet into your home, BPF founder Cathy Bissell said. “You will get the most loving pet who will literally change your life because it’s so grateful to be loved. I want every person to know they can be part of the solution if they adopt a shelter pet.”

Many shelters require a pre-approval process, which may include an in-person visit. Adopters are encouraged to get pre-approved to ensure they can adopt on the day of the event.

BPF’s Empty the Shelters events have found homes for nearly 27,000 pets since the program’s inception in 2016.

To see a list of all participating locations, hours of operation and adoption requirements, visit

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