From left to right, school board member Casey Becker, Joe Norville, J. Sargent, Aaron Wiley, Bill Jordan, Erleigh Wylie, Autry Beamon, school board member Byron Gregg, Superindendent Lori Blaylock, school board member Lindsey Abell, school board member Drew Petterson, and school board member Linda Mott stand together with a replica plaque of the new stadium plaque and welcome fans to Homer Norville Field.

On Sept. 3, the name of Lions Stadium was changed to Homer Norville Field.

The Kaufman ISD Board of Trustees and Administration voted last March to dedicate and name the field in memory and honor of Coach Homer Norville.  

During the dedication ceremony, Byron Gregg, Christine Borders, Linda Mott, Elizabeth O’Donnell, Drew Peterson, Casey Becker, and Lindsey Abell, along with Superintendent Lori Blaylock and Assistant Superintendent Kell Clopton, stood on the field representing the Kaufman ISD board.

Representing the legacy of Homer Norville was his son, Kaufman Hall of Fame athlete and former NFL player Autry Beamo; his daughter Erleigh Wiley and son-in-law Aaron Wiley; and his son Joe Norville, with grandsons Joseph and Jacob Sargent. 

In front of the north entrance to the field is a plaque with the following inscription: 

"Homer Norville’s first, last, and only job was educating kids in Kaufman, Texas. Throughout his tenure, Homer was a teacher, coach, and counselor for Pyle and Kaufman schools from 1952-1991. In 1956, Coach Norville led Pyle High to the state championship final game. When Kaufman and Pyle High Schools were integrated in the fall of 1967, Coach Norville coached football for Kaufman High School and went on to become a guidance counselor, helping students plan for college and life after high school.

Norville loved and enjoyed his family and spent much of his free time serving on boards and committees of numerous organizations, and was an active member of St. Ann’s Catholic Church. He is remembered by all for his benevolent spirit, servant heart, and the value of living a life placing the good of community over self."

The family was presented with a replica plaque in honor of Coach Norville’s service. Fans at the game that night were welcomed to Homer Norville Field for a great night of football.

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