Crandall City Council named Lt. Forrest Frierson the new Chief of Police for Crandall Police Department. 

Crandall Police Department Lt. Forrest Frierson has been confirmed as the next Crandall Chief of Police of the CPD.

Frierson was confirmed by the Crandall City Council on March 15 in a unanimous vote following a selection by City Manager Jana Shelton. Frierson will be sworn in on March 31 as current Chief of Police Dean Winters retires. 

Frierson formally served with the Kaufman County’s Sheriff’s Office before transitioning to the CPD to serve as lieutenant in 2016. A City of Crandall press release described Frierson as an integral part of the success of the growing department since his arrival. 

Frierson is excited for the new challenge.

“I’m excited for the opportunity,” Frierson said. “I’ve learned a lot under Chief Winters and I’m looking forward to serving this community as this department grows and bring it to the next level.” 

The selection process began last December. CPD drew 31 applicants for the position from across the state, as well as California and Missouri, according to the release. Ultimately, the city decided to go with an in-house hire. 

“The City of Crandall is excited about the future of the department and the community and is honored to have Forrest Frierson as part of the leadership team as he steps into the role of chief of police,” read the release. 

Current Chief of Police Dean Winters will be retiring at the end of this month after leading the department for 14 years. 

“As I retire, I’m honored to have Lt. Frierson to have been chosen as the next Chief of Police of the Crandall Police Department,” Winters said. “The relationships he has built within the community and within the department are an integral part of what will assist in the success of the department in the near and distant future. His leadership and experience will be the guiding pillars of the department as it grows with the community.”

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