KISD nurses, along with the City of Terrell, administered first round of vaccinations to KISD staff. From left: Khristina Cole (Phillips), JoAnn Inglis (Nash), Stephanie Reeves (KISD RN coordinator), Dustin Conner (Terrell Fire Department), Lydia Bushnell (HEECC), Roslene Pruitt (KHS). Not pictured: Emily Charles.

Kaufman Independent School District teamed up with the City of Terrell to administer the first round of COIVID-19 vaccinations to teachers and staff who qualified for Phase 1A and 1B.

The Kathy Covington Administration Building served as the vaccination site on Feb. 22. Shots were supplied by the City of Terrell and administered by KISD campus nurses.

More than 50 KISD teachers and staff who qualified for the initial phases received their first shot. They will return in four weeks to receive the second dose.

“We hope to continue to do it as much as we can so we can get everyone past this,” said KISD Director of Communications Jeremy Melton.

KISD is continuing to follow state guidelines and protocols while navigating through the difficulty of the pandemic and creating a safe school environment.

“The district has not eased any of the safety protocols of mandates that have been put into place since the beginning of the year, and the students have largely gotten used to following these guidelines,” Melton. “In fact, the kids have been very impressive in that regard. We will be continuing this semester following the guidance of state and local health officials, taking every precaution possible for the health of our students and staff.” 

KISD administration also thanks its school nurses for their labor and dedication over the past year.

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