Additional funds for a study of the proposed State Hwy. 34 realignment between Kaufman and Terrell were among the highlights of the Kaufman County transportation report last week.

Consultant John  Polster said that the funds were identified during the most recent update from the regional council of governments.

The state has proposed building a four-lane highway between the two communities to replace the current two-lane road.

A public hearing was held earlier in the year showing possible alignments.

Turning to plans to redo FM 1641 in the Forney area, Polster said the schematic is scheduled to be approved in the spring, and he anticipates the environmental work will begin in January.

Precinct Two Commissioner Skeet Phillips said that is one project that needs to beat the schedule, which calls for bids to be let in October 2022 for the estimated $51.2 million project to widen the busy highway to four lanes.

Polster said he is trying to figure out a way to move the FM 148 bypass of Crandall “farther up the food chain.”

The related project to build a service road along the south side of U.S. Hwy. 175 east of Crandall is moving along, and Polster said the two projects need to be coordinated, since the bypass will intersect the new service road at a planned overpass for Hwy. 175 over the new bypass.

That way the interchange can be done at the same time, rather than two separate projects.

Ready-to-let dates in Polster’s report are October 2020 for the service roads, at a cost of $11.5 million and July 2021 for the bypass at $28.3 million.

He said two improvement projects for State Hwy. 34 from Kaufman to Scurry are scheduled to be let in April 2019.

A third project south of Scurry is on hold pending the outcome of a proposed outer loop of the Metroplex, which would join Hwy. 34 south of Rosser.

Polster’s full report can be found online at

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