Brock and Emma Henricks raised money at a lemonade stand to buy snacks for staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman.

A brother and sister found a fun way to show their appreciation for healthcare workers through donating earnings from their lemonade stand.

After watching the news, Brock Henricks, 9, and Emma, 7, told their mom they wanted to help their friends and family who work in healthcare. 

“My kids have been begging to do a lemonade stand and we thought this was a great way to raise money for others during the pandemic,” said Jenny Henricks, mother.

The kids decided that they would use the money they earned to buy snacks for staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Kaufman.

Chelsey Maddox, a registered nurse who also happens to be Jenny’s best friend, is their “favorite nurse at the hospital,” the kids said.

“It meant so much that they wanted to use their proceeds from the lemonade stand to brighten our day,” said Maddox, an emergency department nurse at Texas Health Kaufman. 

“They loved the idea of surprising someone they know,” Jenny added.

Brock and Emma, with the help of a few friends in the neighborhood, earned a total of $400 in seven hours. Jenny said several people also sent donations through Venmo after she shared her kids’ idea on Facebook.

“They made a fun day out of it instead of looking at it as work,” Jenny said.

The kids recently hand-delivered the snacks to caregivers outside of Texas Health Kaufman.

“I overheard other staff members sharing the story of where the snacks came from,” Maddox said. “Everyone was so proud of the kiddos and excited that they thought of us.”


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