States Troopers were grateful to receive snacks, water, and chapsticks donated by community members and downtown merchants. From left to right, Sergeant Nathaniel Allison, Trooper Carlos Nava, Lieutenant Michael Johnson, Kari Rough, owner of The Charter Room and employee Vannessa Hurst.


“Our State Troopers are our universal layer of direct protection across our great state. Without our agencies stepping in to help each other out, we are very vulnerable to forces that threaten our very safety, freedom and livelihood,” Kari Rough, owner of The Charter Room, said.

The State Troopers protected small businesses whose doorsteps were covered with protestors last year. Events such as protests and the dangers that come with protesting are non-compatible to what is occurring at the state’s border. State Trooper’s are deployed out for many weeks at a time to assist agencies along the Rio Grande and bordering towns.

“Sending small tokens of appreciation through care packages with our local troopers as they are deploying out of Kaufman County to make trips to border towns where they are stationed,” Rough said. “This is a small gesture in comparison to what they are faced with when they get there. They don’t exactly have the luxury of running into a convenience store for a package of gum or tube of chapstick, so we have packed up some of that too.” 

Local realtor and business owner Kelsey Davis, started a snack drive for the troops after talking to a trooper that walked into The Charter Room one day with a smile, no complaints and said he was happy to serve. Davis wanted to do something to make their long journeys a little easier so she started the snack drive asking for donations with assistance from Rough and her employee, Vannessa Hurst. Many community members jumped in and donated snacks or money to buy items to send to the troops. Davis then took any money sent and bought additional items to add to the snack drive.

On Oct.1, three State Troopers came by The Charter Room to pick up the donated items to take with them on their journey back towards the Rio Grande area.

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