From new buildings and businesses to city improvements, Kaufman residents have much to look forward to in 2021. 

Kaufman Mayor Jeff Jordan addressed upcoming projects in Facebook video just before Christmas.

“Many exciting things are happening in Kaufman,” he said. One of the larger protects in the works is the new Civic Center, located near Highway 175, scheduled to be in operation this month. The Kaufman Civic Center will house the Kaufman Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Commission offices, and Senior Connect. 

“Projects like this don’t just happen overnight,” stated Jordan. “They often take years of planning just to get started. So we are really excited to see this come to fruition.” Additionally, the County Justice Center and Animal Adoption Center will be opening in the future.

The city of Kaufman is seeing residential growth as well, even amid challenging times. “Kaufman has a great working relationship with the developers and builders who are investing in our city,” Jordan explained. “This is one reason we have been able to maintain steady, quality growth here.” The Georgetown, located off SH 34, district is currently in Phase 1B. When this phase is complete, there will be 125 new rooftops in Kaufman. 

Several new businesses are coming to town including an urgent care office and Tractor Supply Company. Both will be located in the Kings Fort area. J

ordan added, “some of the less glamorous and less visible projects are no less important to the betterment of our community. These capital improvements are part of our commitment to fix the ‘bones’ of our city, and to keep Kaufman moving.”

These include street improvements on Ninth, Main, and Circle Drive, which will soon be completed. Upon completion, the next phase will begin, according to the mayor. Mayor Jordan also noted that there are many city improvements to come, including waste water treatment plant improvements, continued park improvements, and storm draining improvement projects involving West Tenth and Jackson Street, Melody Circle, Priscilla Land and State Highway 34.

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