Greg Doster posing with his piece titled, "Well Dressed with Vin." 

Greg Doster has collected much experience and rich stories throughout his life. Throughmany changing seasons and phases of life, one thing has remained: his love for art. 

Doster, a Louisiana native, began his art career in high school. Raised in a small, rural community, Doster comes from a farming family. As one of the first in his family to attend college, Doster graduated with a degree in architecture from Louisiana Tech University. It wasn’t long into his architecture career that Doster discovered he lacked passion for his work, so he pursued other avenues of vocation where he landed a number of different management positions. Throughout these years, Doster’s love for and practice of art remained with him. 

Throughout his working life, Doster would regularly create pieces of art work on commission. Doster sees his skill as an opportunity to give back and bring other’s stories to life. 

“The body of my work throughout my career can best be described as ‘art looking for a story,' " said Doster. “My hope is that the pieces I create are viewed as original and individual enough for each person. I want them to find their own personal interpretation of the idea of the work. In reality, it belongs to them and that is what counts.” 

Earlier this year, while enjoying retirement, Doster embarked on a new journey. In February, Historic Downtown Kaufman welcomed Greg Doster Art Studio to the scene. 

Doster’s studio, located at 105 E. Grove Street, serves as a space for Doster to work oncommission pieces, educate young artists, and host events. The hope behind the spaceis to offer a place for anyone to be welcome and comfortable. “I just want to have a (place) where (anyone) can come and relax, see art, talk art, or just talk about anything,” explained Doster. 

The studio also plays host to occasional events. The studio’s inaugural event was held on June 27. The invitation extended to Kaufman residents to come and celebrate the grand opening of the studio and the works of Greg Doster. A close friend of Doster, MattCorbett, prepared food and drink for attendees. A portion of all ticket sales went to benefit The Center in Kaufman. Despite the social gathering hurdles COVID-19 has presented us with, Doster called the event a success. Doster hopes to increase frequency of events to showcase his studio. Additionally, Doster hopes to continue to give back to the community when his doors are open. 

Doster admits his value is not found in his talent, but his dedication to work hard, spending many hours at the studio during the week. This time is spent working on commission pieces for individuals and businesses. Doster is always working to put together the best work he can and craft his skill.

Doster, 69, is married to his wife of 36 years, Denetia. Denetia offers art lessons for children in the summer. They currently reside in Kaufman and are members of First United Methodist Church of Kaufman. 

Previous Doster commission work and gifts can be found in homes, office buildings, fire department, and more all across the country. Art work by Doster can be purchased by both individuals and corporations. 

Greg Doster can be reached by phone at (817) 975-9611 or email at art@gregdoster.com

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